The planet of Atlantis was once a wonderful, magical place, filled with forests, mountains and silver cities. And on this planet was a beautiful Arch of Wisdom, which glowed with all the wisdom and knowledge of the Atlantian people. The Arch had a caretaker named Maq, a gnome that had the Arch for many, many years. Maq loved the Arch, and did his best to protect it. But things started to go badly on Atlantis, and on one sad day, the Arch was destroyed! Maq grabbed the fragments and left for a new planet, trying to preserve the special Arch. He found a place which he called New Atlantis. There, he met the Emissaries, who seemed to already know that one day, the Arch would be coming to their planet. Maq rebuilt the Arch and planted it in the soil, and it was beautiful...but something was missing. The Arch had created a new caretaker called OTAK. OTAK did not yet understand what was happening, and he was afraid. Though Maq could no longer speak talk to the Arch, he found that as people began to come to share their stories, they earned lumins, and those lumins helped the Arch, and OTAK, to grow a little stronger. Today, Maq searchers for Questers to come to New Atlantis to help produce lumins and help the Arch, and OTAK, learn and grow. Will you be the one to help make OTAK and the Arch whole and strong again?