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Steps I Need to Take

Day 1:Read through Page.
Day 2:Pick Topic
Day 3: Begin Research
Day 4: Research
Day 5: Research and 5 W's
Day 6: Rough Draft
Day 7:Pick Tittle and Peer Edit
Day 8:Final Draft
Day 9: Wright conclusion
Day 10: Turn In

5 W's

WHO was involved?
Eric Schosser wrote a book called A Fast Food Nation. Morgan Spurlock made a movie about the heath problems fast food causes.
WHAT were they fighting for/seeking?
To show the public the problems that their eating habits were causing. also to help people make better choices.
WHEN in history did this occur?
WHERE in the United States (geographically)?
WHY is changed being called for?
To make sure people know what their eating is bad for them.

Rough Draft

Hey, you there. Yes, you with your Sixteen Patty Bacon Deluxe Cheesy Exterminator and your value Gazillian Gallon Guzzler. Ever think about what fast food can do to you? I think not! I think you were thinking more about how cheap the pop is and how delicious that burger tastes. I bet you'd feel differnt if your body could talk!

Well, I'm here to speak for your body. First I'm going to flat out say it. Although tempting, fast food should be treated like candy or the other things at the tip top of the old food pyrimid.
external image food-pyramid.jpg
Note the use occasionally written right at the top. While you might ask (you also might not but who's asking you?) is delicious salty food sooo bad? For starters fast food has something called empty calories which means you get way too many calories and not enough nutrients. To show you what that means, chew on this. Let's say that you ate Red Delicious apples instead of that 1,000 calorie meal at the burger joint. With a large apple 127 calories you would have to eat 7.84 apples. You would get your daily alowence of fruit. With the fast food you'd get your daily allowance of nothing at all but still all the calories. And what do all of these calories do? Build up fat and oils that don't need to be there causing obesity and heart problems. Think about what that means. I know I use my heart a lot of the time and having troubles with it means big problems in the future. Finally Fast food is tempting. Who wouldn't want a burger and some fries after a long day? That is the main reason that fast food sucks us in because many people think it's cheap, easy, fast and good tasting. How do we get away from that?

Thankfully there is a way and its simple. Make better choices. Eat at home instead. Every one can make there own sandwiches one night or buy a bag of salad with some low-cal dressing. But if you can't escape the drive through, then try to make heathier choices . Get a smaller size and eat a piece of fruit at home or maybe have something grilled instead of fried. The chocies are endless. Just try to be smart.

external image fast_food_kills.png