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5 Themes of Geography OUTLINE
  • Location
    • Absolute...Latitude and Longitude of all the Borders
    • 91 degrees N, 30degrees E. is the absolute location of Lhasa
    • Relative Locations...Where your province/region is in relationship to other places...Use words like North of, South of, East of, West of.
    • North of India and Bhutan
    • South of Xinjiang and Qinghai
    • East of Sichuan
    • West of India and Nepal
    • North-West of Yunnan
  • Place
    • Physical Characteristics
      • Bodies of water: On Qiangtang, the northern part of the Plateau of Tibet, there are a lot of salt lakes, the biggest ones being Lake Siling and Lake Nam. Main Rivers: Indus River, Xiangquin River
      • Landforms: Mountains, Plateaus
      • Climate: Cold and dry
      • Animal Life: Tigers, leopards, bears, wild boars, wild goats, stone martens, lynx jackals, wild buffaloes, brown bears, wild and bighorn sheep, mountain antelope, musk deer, wild yaks, snakes, scorpions, lizards, fishes, frogs, crabs, otters, turtles, black-necked cranes, jungle fowl, ptarmigans, hawks, gulls, and cinnamon teals.
      • Natural Vegetation: Grasslands cover about two- thirds of Tibet and there are a lot of trees and flowers (wild and domestic).
    • Human Characteristics
      • Population:
      • Ethnic Groups: Mainly Tibetian but also
      • Language: Tibetian
      • Customs:
      • Economy: Farming
      • Government:
  • Region
    • Functional
      • Major Trade Partners
      • Metropolitan Cities
      • Major Rivers - Drainage
    • Perceptual
      • How do the citizens view themselves?
    • Formal
      • Climate Regions: Dry
      • Vegetation
      • Shared Characteristics of the whole area
      • Land Area- 1,230,000 square kilometers
  • Human/Environment Interaction
    • What have people done to change the land
      • Dams:
      • Canals:
      • Irrigation:
      • Other:
  • Movement
    • Movement of People
      • Ethnic Groups who settled there
      • Anyone forced in or out?
      • Where did they go?
    • Movement of goods
      • Foods:
      • trade goods
      • manufactured goods
      • Other
    • Movement of Ideas - What Ideas have the people borrowed or shared with other states or ethnic groups?

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